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Since opening our doors in 1988 as a Interior Designer in Hyderabad, we have helped our clients translate their initial visions into functional spaces that fit their unique styles and tastes. Our experienced staff is committed to professionalism, and our design team can craft spaces that range from traditional to ultra-contemporary. Kitchen Vision is one of the largest distributors of kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances in the Hyderabad regions of India. We carry a versatile selection of affordable and quality products for your kitchen remodel.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Decorator

Even if you end up writing a big check for the redesign of your home, don’t despair! Redecoration adds thousands to the value of a house, particularly if it is done with care, skill and good materials and craftsmanship. Indeed, many people choose to view redecoration as an investment, rather than a cost.
A bedroom is a large room where people usually sleep for the night and/or for relaxation during the day.
Many houses have at least two bedrooms – usually a master bedroom (dedicated to the heads of the household, such as a husband and wife) and one or more bedrooms for either the children or guests.

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kitchen is a room used for food preparation that is typically equipped with a stove, a sink for cleaning food and dishwashing, and cabinets and refrigerators for storing food and equipment.

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When planning the lighting for your bathroom, we care not to fall in to the shadow trap. Recessed lighting fixtures are very popular these days. If you are relying on them as your sole source of illumination at your vanity you will fall in to the shadow trap.

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